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The red book gives pupils loads of basic but essential information all golfers need to know. Important subjects that can take years to learn without the help of Bitesize Golf.

The characters help with the golf swing, etiquette, rules and general golfing knowledge, in simple terms and bright graphics and pictures.

contents page red

Contents page

The characters welcome the new golfer to the exciting world of golf and explain which one covers each different topic. The cast of golf ball characters grows through the various levels as more subjects are introduced.




swing ball

Swing pages

This is where all the swing topics are covered in detail as expressed as simply as possible with graphics and images to help. Pupils will learn and understand how to build a pre-shot routine, which will help them develop a consistent swing action that will last them for all the golfing years to come.



the think page is etiquette

Think pages

The 'Think' character introduces all the etiquette topics that make golf unique with its high standards of sportsmanship and respect for others. The dress code is tackled early on helping pupils appreciate that the game has these high expectations.



the know character

Know pages

The rules of golf can be quite complex and difficult to understand, with the help of the 'Know' ball, they are made as simple as possible. As the levels progress, each one of the 34 rules of the game are covered and most of the 1,200 subsections are broken down into plain, uncomplicated language with diagrams to help.



the learn pages

Learn pages

There's so much to learn when you start to play golf, these pages and the 'Learn' ball explain loads of interesting facts about the game. Why do golf balls have dimples?, What are the majors?, What is a par?, these and many more questions are answered throughout the books.



page 7 explained

Back in play

This page explains how to drop a golf ball back into play, something that seems fairly straightforward, yet most golfers forget to mark the position of their ball before they pick it up, oops, that's a penalty.




marking the ball image

Identifying your ball

Bitesize Golf gives pupils the very best start in golf and learning to mark your golf ball so you can identify it is one of the first things to learn as you begin your golfing career.




pitching and chipping image

Pitching and chipping

What's the difference between a pitch and a chip shot and when do you need to use each one?

These questions and many more are answered in bite sized chunks, making the learning simple and fun.



Looking after the course

Caring for the golf course by replacing divots and repairing pitch marks are only the start, pupils will learn how to let players play through and avoid slow play, plus much more.




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Fun and games

You can learn and have fun, these puzzle pages challenge the young golfing mind and stretch their golfing knowledge even further.





quiz page image

Finish with a quiz

These 10 questions are multiple choice with 1 correct answer and 2 other choices which help to get the pupil thinking, even if they're sure they know the answer.





Each week, there's a skills challenge to help focus the pupils mind on each shot. This also gets them used to treating each stroke individually and helps them grasp the understanding that every shot is important. The level is completed when the quiz is marked and all challenges completed, the pupil then receives their well earned certificate of achievement with a simple pass, merit or much coveted distinction.

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