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The pupils are on their way now, this is the second level and is a natural progression in terms of content and general golf knowledge. The Orange Level completes the basic levels of the programmes giving a broad introduction to some of the essential information the new player needs.

The Red and Orange teaching sessions are perfect for using with traditional golf or any soft-golf equipment. the preferred 1st touch equipment is SNAG (Start New at Golf), simply because, in our opinion, it's far more advanced than anything else on the market and a coach can actually teach the swing fundamentals with it.

These two levels can be coached by any UKSCC Level 1 Coach or equivalent, full support and SNAG training is available.

orange book contents

Contents page

Another set of new and exciting topics for the young golfers to learn. The characters are ready to explain in simple, bite-sized chunks many more interesting and essential facts all golfers need to know.




various holds on the club

Holding the club

There are various ways of holding the club and this page explains why it's so important to set your hands correctly on the club.





speed of play

Speed of play

This is such an important subject for all new golfers, it's essential that new players don't hold up everyone else out on the course. There are several time saving tips here that all players should know and observe.




What not to do

What not to do

There are some common maistakes made by new players, ones that they are completely unaware that they've made. taking your equipment onto tees and greens and not laying the flag gently onto the putting surface are just a couple that are addressed here.



teeing ground

The teeing ground

An explanation of all the different coloured tees and who should play from where, as well as some of the basic rules of the teeing ground.





top 10 things you need

Top 10

Here's a list of the top 10 essential items you will need when you start to play the game. Many are obvious, but plenty of players forget to take a pencil or the rule book out with them.




swing explained

Swing explained

Using the numbers on the clock and a few letters, this module explains how to swing the golf club keeping things as simple as possible.






Play safe

Always a very important subject, the pupils are given several important safety tips to keep themselves and others out of trouble.





Keeping score

Keeping score

This is not a subject that can be tackled in just one page of information, here is a brief introduction to the scorecard and what you need to do to prevent being disqualified from your first competition. Swapping cards and signing them when you finish your game are where it starts.




Finish with a quiz

Once again, there are some more simple puzzles and a quiz for the pupils to have a go at. This increases their levels of golf knowledge and help the coach understand just how much information they are retaining.




Each week, there's a skills challenge to help focus the pupils mind on each shot. This also gets them used to treating each stroke individually and helps them grasp the understanding that every shot is important. The level is completed when the quiz is marked and all challenges completed, the pupil then receives their well earned certificate of achievement with a simple pass, merit or much coveted distinction.




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