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yellow level graphic

At this point in the programme pupils should be venturing towards a local golf facility and learning to play the game with traditional equipment rather than any soft golf clubs and balls. if this is not an option, coaches can continue to work through the books providing even more in depth knowledge of the game.

There are a couple more characters in the next 4 levels, the 'Skills' ball and the 'Drills' ball. They give quick tips to help accelerate improvement and challenges for the pupils to test themselves against their own personal standards.

The books have grown from 20 pages to 24 and the quiz is now 20 questions rather than the 10 in previous levels.


Contents page

Plenty more to learn as pupils progress to the Yellow Level. Now using traditional equipment, pupils grasp more knowledge and skills under the watchful eye of their Level 3 qualified golf coach.




module 1

Module 1

From this level forward, all sessions are run on a modular format with 5 modules forming the basis of the weekly programmes. Bitesize Golf courses are ideally run over six weeks with each session lasting around 1 hour.

Module 1 works on the golf swing using irons.



pre shot routine

In the clubhouse

Another in the series of life skills topics where pupils learn etiquette and respect for the traditions of the game. These programmes educate new golfers to the highest standards of behaviour expected by even the most elite of golf facilities.





The rule book

This is something all golfers should learn about, but very few actually do. The rule book is explained in simple detail with images and diagrams to help make sense of what can be quite a complex area of the game.




drills and skill

Drills and skills balls

A new section added into the programmes where pupils are given simple tips to help them develop the right skills and drills aimed at encouraging them to practice with purpose.




golf gear

Golfing gear

As you start any new activity you often don't know what equipment you're going to need and what might be best for you. These middle pages give you a great idea about what to look for when investing in golf equipment. Lofts and lie angles, shaft flex and length of clubs are all explained, helping kids and parents make the right decisions with the advice of their coach.



module 5 putting

Module 5

Each module concentrates on a specific part of the game and forms a weekly session with accompanying lesson plan.

Module 5 is concerned with putting and covers the stroke, putting green rules and tips and drills for rapid improvement.



range rules

Home on the range

The benefits of finding your local golf driving range means you can continue your practice when it's dark or during periods of bad weather.





putting drills

Putting drills and skills

There are many pratice drills that can be done on the putting green and this section acts as a great reference library for pupils where they can keep coming back to refresh their memories and increase their skill scores.




quiz time

The big quiz

Now 20 questions relating to everything included in this course, giving valuable feedback to the coach and parents as well as the pupil. Simply going through the quiz and listening to the answers further re-enforces the learning.




certificateEach week, there's a skills challenge to help focus the pupils mind on each shot. This also gets them used to treating each stroke individually and helps them grasp the understanding that every shot is important. The level is completed when the quiz is marked and all challenges completed, the pupil then receives their well earned certificate of achievement with a simple pass, merit or much coveted distinction.



reportTheres also a report that comes with each level for each and every pupil. this is a great way for coaches to communicate with pupils and parents about how well things are going and what to look forward to as they prgress to the next level.

These reports and certificates often find their way into schools to be re-presented in assemblies and class 'show and tell' sessions as all awards and achievements earned outside of school are recognised.






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