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Second series of modules in the intermediate stages, the Green Level looks at the golf swing in a little more detail concentrating on good posture and why it's so important. Hitting longer straighter shots with the woods is the aim of all players and the wood module focusses on establishing good timing and rhythm.

Learning about the rules of the game begins in earnest and this level covers rules 1 - 5. Pupils learn the difference between Matchplay and Strokeplay and the laws concerning the golf ball and the player's golf clubs.

green level contents page

Contents page

Another 24 pages of essential golf knowledge awaits the new pupils, packed full with interesting and informative content that all golfers should know.

All the characters are here again to guide you through your Bitesize Golf green level, making things easy to understand, even the rules!



swing topics

Swing details

As pupils become more comfortable with their environment, their coach and thier golf swing, it's possible to venture a little deeper into the detail of the golf swing and the set up.




the first tee

The first tee

Gearing up to play the course, the first perceived barrier could be the first tee itself. This is a big step for any new player, nerves may kick in and it might all seem a little daunting. Have no fear, this module will help you prepare you for what's ahead so you can relax and enjoy yourself on the course.



Rules 1 - 5

The rule book

It's not the most compelling read, but the golf rule book is an essential part of the game. Rules 1 - 5 are covered in simple terms in this book, the game, matchplay and strokeplay rules as well as clubs and golf balls.




drills and skills

Drills and skills

Helping pupils test themselves and set their own targets and goals, this section provides tips and skills challenges aimed at accelerating the learning process.





Local rules

Helping to understand the jargon

Many sports have their own language and terminology and golf certainly has its fair share. this particular page expalins what 'Local Rules' are and why it's important to find out what local rules might apply to each particular course.






Trying to grasp the concept of handicaps can be difficult in the early days, but taking things in bite-sized chunks, it all begins to make sense. The centre spread of the green book tackles some simple handicap calculations helping the young golfer gain confidence in thier newly acquired knowledge.





Where every stroke counts, here are the key points all golfers whould know about strokeplay format.

Rule 3 and its 5 sub-sections are explained in one sentence each, keeping to the absolute basics.



putting basics

Module 5 - Putting

The game within a game, putting is covered in Module 5 with technique, greenside etiquette and putting drills and skills all included in each book.






Quiz time

Another 20 questions await pupils as they conclude this level of the programmes. the questions are growing in complexity as the pupls become more accomplished young players.




green certificate

Each week, there's a skills challenge to help focus the pupils mind on each shot. This also gets them used to treating each stroke individually and helps them grasp the understanding that every shot is important. The level is completed when the quiz is marked and all challenges completed, the pupil then receives their well earned certificate of achievement with a simple pass, merit or much coveted distinction.



reportTheres also a report that comes with each level for each and every pupil. this is a great way for coaches to communicate with pupils and parents about how well things are going and what to look forward to as they prgress to the next level.

These reports and certificates often find their way into schools to be re-presented in assemblies and class 'show and tell' sessions as all awards and achievements earned outside of school are recognised.






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