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Blue title header

Pupils and parents should feel very proud as they make their way throguh the Blue Level. This represents the half way mark and once completed, participants should have a great basic knowledge of their swing, the rules of the game and its etiquette and traditions. They will have acquired precious life skills like respect and courtesy towards others, consideration and an increased sense of self esteem through achievement.

At this stage, the young players should have had plenty of opportunities to play a few holes on the course. This is so important as it helps to make more sense of everything that's contained within the books. Pupils understand the importance of their pre-shot routine and making every shot count, how important each putt is and why a knowledge of the rules is essential. All their etiquette and care for the course lessons can come into play and soon become second nature to them.

module 2 swing

Module 2 works on the long game

Longer, straighter drives, building up torsion and power within the swing and rhythm and balance are all part of the education contained within these programmes.




courtesy on the course

Courtesy on the course

A big subject in itself, here the pupils learn to increase their sensory accuity, their awareness of other players on the course, not just their playing partners. From walking on paths to talking quietly, the aim is to show respect for others by not distracting them.



rule 7

Practice before play

This is rule 7 and this page explains the difference between strokeplay and matchplay when it comes to practising on the course before a competition or a match.




drills and skills

Drills for woods

Each module has appropriate drills or tips to improve technique and skills challenges for pupils to test themselves.





rule 8

Giving and receiving advice

When is it passing on common knowledge or deemed to be giving advice? this is important in golf as one of these is fine and the other could get you on the wrong side of some penalty strokes.




bunker play

Bunker play

Module 4 concentrates on the scoring zone and short game around the greens. Bukers feature quite heavily with advice and help on how to get out of the deepest pot bunker to playing a full stroke from a fairway trap.




spirit of the game

Spirit of the game

Honesty, intergrity and self government are key components of the complete golfer and pupils are educated in the importance of calling foul on yourself if you happen to break a rule.




keep your distance

Keep your distance

Safety on the course is of paramount importance and waiting until players in front are out of range, or taking great care when playing a blind shot are explained in detail.




order of play

Order of play

Who goes when? What's meant when someone says you have the honour?

Rule 10 is covered as part of module 5.




back page

Onwards and upwards

Pupils can see just how far they've progressed by watching the red ticks sitting on top of the podia. This is the back page of each book and they set their sights on reaching gold right from the very start.





blue certificate

Each week, there's a skills challenge to help focus the pupils mind on each shot. This also gets them used to treating each stroke individually and helps them grasp the understanding that every shot is important. The level is completed when the quiz is marked and all challenges completed, the pupil then receives their well earned certificate of achievement with a simple pass, merit or much coveted distinction.




reportTheres also a report that comes with each level for each and every pupil. this is a great way for coaches to communicate with pupils and parents about how well things are going and what to look forward to as they prgress to the next level.

These reports and certificates often find their way into schools to be re-presented in assemblies and class 'show and tell' sessions as all awards and achievements earned outside of school are recognised.







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