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"You'll never change things by fighting an existing reality…to change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete".

Industrialist R Buckminster Fuller

Coaching BSG

There are multiple benefits for the coaches and the golf clubs who embrace Bitesize Golf. Growing participation in the game is good for everyone...

new customersNew customers and members
Your Bitesize Golf programmes reach out into your local community and offer the opportunity to recruit many new young players to your academy. The ability to coach up to 36 pupils using the SNAG Coaching System ensures many new recruits will follow on at your golf facility. Time and space are more of an issue as things progress.



ravenous consumersRavenous consumers
Teaching new golfers means you have the opportunity to advise and supply them with all their golfing needs. From their first set of clubs through to all their accessories, they will come to you as their first point of call and supplier of all their golfing goods. Surveys have shown that the golf coach is the most influential person when it comes to guiding new players towards equipment purchases.



teach in communitiesTeach in communities
This is the best form of marketing you can possibly have, the chance to get into the local community and directly influence a mass audience and introduce them to a new activity. For many, this will be their first experience of swinging a club and striking a ball. The thrill of launching it into the air and hitting the target ensures a high uptake of students wanting to continue and improve.



a wider reachWider reach
Rather than staying within the confines of the golf facility, spending serious amounts of capital on marketing and advertising, Bitesize Golf enables coaches to reach out to the widest possible audience. Community events are perfect for setting up a SNAG experience, golf in the park or on the school field is always very popular and great for recruitment to the next sessions of lessons.



kids and familiesKids and families
Statistics clearly show that adults play more golf and spend longer at the club if other members of the family play the game. Apart from golf being such a fabulous family sport, getting the family group involved is great business. It's not too long before several sets of equipment are being purchased along with golfing outfits and family memberships.



friends and relativesFriends and relatives
For every child on the programme the influence is extended to approximately 10 close relatives, which dramatically increases awareness of the club and your coaching. From receiving their certificates in assembly presentations to emailing their glowing reports to grandparents, the Bitesize Golf pr spreads wide and far and in a very short timescale.



loyal customersLoyal customers
The structure of the programmes and the continuity factor ensures relationship are formed between the pupils and the coach. They are also formed between the coach and the parents and this leads to customer loyalty based on service and impartial advice. There is a continual cycle of demand and supply created as the pupils' skills improve and the child grows and develops.



advise and supplyAdvise and supply
The teacher is the first person who is asked for equipment advice. Almost from day 1, the young golfer is hooked on the game and the parents wants to encourage this interest and supply their child with some golf equipment. Many parents are new to the game and know very little about clubs, shoes, waterproofs, carts, clothing or accessories. Having plenty of junior golf equipment in stock is a must.



full appointments diaryFull appointments diary
Once the links are in place, the programme, the structure and the access to the local community, it's like opening up a pipeline of new clients. Organisation and planning is critical to avoid being overwhelmed, careful management of the diary is essential and the need for waiting lists doesn't take long to become a reality.




year round opportunityYear round coaching
Working with SNAG in schools and community centers opens up the opportunity for year round coaching under cover. Not all facilities have covered range bays and the coaching side of the business slows down through the winter months, with Bitesize Golf this is no longer an issue and coaching can continue all year round.