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Q10. What's the 'Admin pack' and how do I get it?

Here it is.

admin pack image

You get...

Payment summary form

Medical form

Dates and times forms

Registration forms

All the forms needed to keep your organised and make running the courses as straight-forward as possible, saving you hours of work. These forms add a professional element to your junior coaching and give you valuable data, meaning you can communicate and market with your pupil's families. This is great when you want to organise special events or inform them of any special offers on equipment.

Payment summary form shows you who's paid and by what method, you can see who's in each class and control numbers.

The Medical form gives you details of any medical issues a pupil may have and supplies you with emergency numbers of close relatives.

The dates and times forms are for you to hand to parents at the start of each group of lessons. Parents need to know the all important dates and times, it helps them stay organised and helps you maintain continuity.

Registration forms give you names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of all your pupils as well as the names and numbers of mums and dads.

Get in touch with us and tell us you'd like your 'Tool Box' and we'll get cracking on personalising your Marketing pack and get it straight to you.