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Q5. How much is it?

This really is the burning question, one that everyone wants to know.

There are 3 levels to the programme, where the materials cover the 3 stages of beginner, intermediate and advanced player.

This diagram will show you how the books divide into these categories.

All books laid out

The first 2 levels are 20 pages, the next 4 books are 24 pages and the top 4 books are 28.

Each book purchased comes with a certificate and the prices work out at less than £1 per session per pupil. It's really quite unbelievable value when you consider the added value this whole structure gives to your academy coaching.

Until further notice, there's no registration fee, no annual fee and the most minimal investemnt in purchasing the books you need for your pupils who have already paid you!

So you get Free...

Registration, Membership, lesson plans, payment summary forms, challenge sheets, poster template, brochure template, flyer template, medical forms, dates and times forms, report templates, everything you coould possibly need.