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Q6. I have some pupils who are quite advanced, can I start them at any level?


Yes, you can start your groups of pupils wherever you see fit, the option is completely yours. We recommend you try and start all new pupils at the Red level, then they have a full golf education ahead of them.

Use the Red and Orange levels with soft golf equipment in schools and parks, they're perfect for giving kids the real basics of the game in the way of etiquette, simple rules and a little general golf knowledge. They also get the kids into the system and rewards them for achieving pass marks in the challenges and quizzes.

If you currently have pupils who've had a few lessons, you can start them at the intemediate Yellow level. This is perfect for those who are still learning the swing and the strokes and the challenges are just tough enough to stretch them and help them to focus and concentrate on achieveing the required standards.

If your pupils are at the standard where they maybe have handicaps and are used to playing the course, you can start them at Green or maybe Blue levels. these books are full of practice drills and personal goal orientated tasks and the quiz and challenges are tough enough to test top players at this point in their learning.

The elite levels start at Violet and include excersises and fitness regimes, information on diet and general health as well as topics covering sports psychology, course management and tournament preparation.

When a pupils completes the whole course, they will have one of the most comprehensive educations available in the game. They will have all the rules covered and an encyclopedia of golf learning and knowledge. It will put them in good stead for the rest of their golfing careers and many of the life skills will help them throughout their home, business and family lives.