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Q7. How do I advertise my classes to get kids on board?

Now you're a bitesize Golf coach, you can request your very own 'Tool Box', which gives you everything you need to organise, promote and run your sessions. Click here and type 'Tool Box' please and we'll get cracking on customising your marketing materials.

In the box you get a Marketing Pack, which includes everything shown here...

The tool box

This will be delivered through something called Dropbox and you'll get a message via email explaining what you need to do.

Posters, flyers and brochures all with your contact details on them. You get a pdf file and a jpeg of each one. This gives you the option of printing them off on your local printer(use jpeg)in your home or office or passing them on to a professional print company (use pdf)of your choice or one that's online.

Take your flyers around your local community and leave some in local cafes and restaurants, takeaways and waiting rooms.

Put your posters up at the club and in the driving bays, you'll soon be getting enquiries and garnering plenty of interest.

Don't forget to mail or email your members and those on any other database you may have and one of the most popular and cheapest methods of promotion, the social networks. Link away to bitesize golf on Facebook and Twitter and make sure you ike and share all the postings with comments about how things are going at your academy.

Photos are key when using social media, they get much more engagement and are more interesting. Do it little and often and you'll soon have a great following and think about having your own Facebook, Bitesize Golf, personal page dedicated to your academy news and pics.

It's simple and inexpensive and you can have fantastic marketing materials in no time.

You can contact local schools or send a press release to your local paper.