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Q9. What's the 'Lesson pack' and how do I get it?

Here it is.

lesson pack

You get...

Lesson plans for each session of every level

Challenge sheets and PARS cards for each level

Report templates for each level

Your lesson pack is essential if you really want to maximise your Bitesize Golf sessions, the lesson plans have details on how to deliver each and every section of the contents detailed in the books.You will have a complete coaches manual with tips and tricks, drills, skills and games, metaphors and guidance on how to get the best results in the quickest timeframe.

Challenge sheets are a great way of getting your class focussed on achieveing desired outcomes, you can even adjust them to meet your groups standards. The PAR (Personal Acievement Record) challenges require passing the required standard of play on the course, the range and gaining the pass mark in the quiz.

We highly recommend you fill out the report for each pupil as each level comes to an end. It's a great ooportunity to let the pupil know how well they've done and enthuses and motivates them to strive for the next level.

You will find that your certificates and reports will be taken to school and might even be presented at assemblies or at least in class.

Get in touch with us and tell us you'd like your 'Tool Box' and we'll get cracking on personalising your Marketing pack and get it straight to you.