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Start new at golf

Start New At Golf

Absolutely the best way to introduce golf to new players. Learning the basics has never been simpler than this…

best 1st touch equipmentBest 1st touch
A leader in the field of grass roots golf development equipment, totally age appropriate for the young golfers and brilliant for any new player right through to adults. Bright and colorful, balanced like traditional clubs and fun to use, the equipment gives great feedback to the user and ensures ball launching success from the outset.



simple to useSimple to use
Left on yellow, connect, right on red and you're holding the club correctly with a neutral hold. It can take nearly 30 minutes to explain how to hold a golf club, with SNAG it can take 30 seconds. This is just one short dramatic example of the power of the equipment, training tools and coaching system. Used correctly it is without doubt the best introduction to golf a player can get.



accelrated learningAccelerated learning
The pupil focusses on certain tasks and movements, not a series of contorted and convoluted positions. Success is achieved immediately and the pupil understands it's not such a difficult game as they'd been lead to believe. The whole learning experience is positive and combining the training tools with the on deck practice ensures rapid skill development.



specially designedSpecially designed
Over a decade of research and development has brought SNAG to this point with many special features integrated into the equipment and training tools. New products are being continually introduced to make the complete system more effective in helping new players develop solid swing fundamentals that will last a lifetime.



Snagology special languageScience of SNAGology
This part of SNAG is not widely understood and highlights the importance of becoming trained and qualified as a SNAG level 1 accredited coach. The words that are used in coaching are specifically chosen for the meaning and effectiveness, how they are interpreted and the reactions they elicit. We don't really want to break our wrists, do we?



just focus on the taskTask-focussed learning
A new slant on learning a new set of skills. Not simply listening, watching and copying, followed by an often lengthy series of trial and error learning. SNAG equipment and in particular the SNAG training tools use quite simple tasks to help pupils build the right movements and series of movements to create the golf swing for rolling, chipping, pitching and launching the ball.



the science of coloursChromo - psychology
The science of using colour to gain efect. Bright and colorful, primary colours does have the effect of making the equipment look fun and easy to use. Pupils are attracted towards it, picking it up and having fun, but also managing to achieve some great golf shots into the bargain. Blue shafts in the roller for a calming effect, red shafts in the launcher indicating action, your SNAG training will unveil all these nuances.



the science of sound feedbackAcoustic feedback
Some of the training tools give acoustic feedback. The pupil performs the task and when it's completed satisfactorily the training tool makes a noise to indicate success. Using as many senses as possible enhances the learning experience as well as accelerating the process. SNAG incorporates high levels of kinesthetic, visual and auditory learning, making it highly effective.



use it anywhereUsed anywhere
All of SNAG equipment is set above ground, there's no need to dig holes or build anything, which means any open space can become a golf course. Parks, playgrounds and beaches become the new SNAG Links offering huge opportunities for some great fun times designing and playing your very own course creations.



adds up to great funGreat fun
SNAG golf may well be as close as some players ever get to playing the traditional game, but that's a great thing and much better then never having the experience. Just like many golfers in Asia only ever play the game on fantastic driving ranges, SNAG golfers can build courses, obtain handicaps and compete on their very own golf club.




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