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snag equipment

Well over a decade of development

There's so much more to SNAG than meets the eye, when you open the coaching kit, what do you see?
Some people see some equipment that looks like kids toys, some see a range of curious looking implements that are based on the game of golf and some see well designed and created first touch coaching systems.
Look a little more into it and you will find an incredible array of tools and equipment that offer an opportunity for anyone to learn how to play golf anywhere in the world.

use of numbersNumbers
The best coaches say the least, that's how it works with SNAG. A qualified SNAG coach can control, entertain and educate classes of up to 30 students at a time. They can give instruction right across the group by using special combinations of numbers and letters and the pupils instantly know what the instruction means and can self correct in an instance.



Used to launch the ball into the air, players don't club the ball or iron it into play. This is all part of the clever science which make coaching with SNAG simple and highly effective. By using the best words and phrases it is possible to gain maximum effectiveness in coaching, which in turn achieves rapid results that last.




Once on the shorter grass, players want to roll the ball into the hole, for this particular task it makes sense to use a Roller. It instantly conveys the right images and feelings of creating a pendulum type action designed to roll the ball towards the intended target.Both the Launchers and the Rollers come in 3 sizes, which means everyone can join in with the fun.



The bright colours and oversized equipment add to the fun element and ensure a much higher degree of stroke success. With simple coaching techniques, special training tools and sticky targets, it all adds up to a great learning experience and one that builds confidence in all pulps. A belief that they can send the ball towards their target, they can launch it into the air and they can develop a great golf swing action.



targets above groundTargets (above ground)
The Rollerama, the Bullseye and the Flagsticky are all designed with super strong hook system that traps the SNAG balls when they come into contact with them. The numbers on them are higher on the outer limits and lower nearer the centre, to encourage pupils to score low as they want to do in the traditional game.




play anywherePlay anywhere
Players can be equipped with their clubs and their Launch Pads and then head off to play towards the Flagsticky, which can be placed anywhere on any surface. This opens up the opportunity to design and build SNAG courses and create your very own SNAG Golf Club. Why not invite your friends and family to your SNAG Open or SNAG Masters in your local park.



colourful designColourful
Colours can have a psychological effect and SNAG equipment takes this into consideration with the use of blue shafts in the Rollers to encourage a calm rolling action and red shafts in the Launchers to give a sense of action. Pupils are taught how to hold the clubs correctly by using lines of coloured dots on a pentagonal shaped grip, all designed to make the learning simple and straightforward.



transition into golfTransition into golf
The four strokes learned in the coaching stations come together to give players the range of strokes they will need to play the traditional game. Success launching the ball, success hitting the middle of the targets and a growing confidence in the swing actions all mean pupils are much more likely to transition into the traditional game. The Bitesize Golf coach forms an essential bridge that links the two worlds.



special designSpecially designed
The equipment combined with the Bitesize Golf courses are specially designed s their own ways to create a pathway into golf and onto the realms of proficiency. A totally unique structure that holds the hands of all pupils and gently brings them along the learning curve filling them with confidence and self belief in their new found golfing skills.



Learning how to aim at your intended target is a key skill that needs to be understood and mastered early on. The SNAG balls have a small arrow placed on the top and and dot on the back to help pupils focus on the point of impact. The Launch Pad has a nice bright yellow arrow on it, which encourages perfect targeting. The new Visual Targeting System is a great addition to the coaching system and should be seen to be believed.


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