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snag system

Understanding the SNAG coaching system is the key

This section of the site explains how the coaching system can be used to its greatest effect and how coaches can use it to recruit many new players from local communities and neighbourhoods.

use indoors or outIndoors or out
Setting up the coaching system can be done in a gym or sports hall, on a playground or sports pitch. If space allows, then the creation of a SNAG course is a great additional fun element to the coaching and creates a great link between this and traditional golf. Pupils can learn different formats of the game as well as rules, etiquette and the basics of handicaps and scoring.



multi surfaceMulti surface
SNAG can be played on grass, concrete and even sand, the targets sit above ground and can be placed on any flat surface. The Launch Pads enable players to tee the ball up and play a consistent stroke towards the targets time after time




class sizesClass sizes
It's possible to have a class of 32 pupils all actively engaged in learning activities using the SNAG Coaching System. With 4 stations each with 4 pupils on deck and playing strokes to the targets, a further 16 pupils can be engaged in tasks using the training tools.




The SNAG Coaching System is set up using various targets and provides an environment where pupils learn how to roll, chip, pitch and launch the ball. Careful management and special word cues ensure a fun, safe learning experience for all.




special drillsSpecial drills
The coaching system incorporates many new and exciting drills based on task-focussed learning, where pupils carry out strategic movements to help them acquire the correct series of motions essential to building a solid golf swing.

This is the fastest way to learn new motor skills, you simply learn by doing a sereis of fun exercises.



correct holdCorrect hold
Teaching new golfers how to hold the club in the preferred manner can often be complicated and take quite a long time to get right. With a simple left on yellow, connect, right on red, pupils are then holding the club in the required fashion. This is just one example of how the SNAG equipment makes learning as straightforward as it possible can be.



pre shot routinePre shot
What goes where and establishing a good pre-shot routine are key components to becoming a consistent striker of the golf ball. The SNAG system teaches pupils how to set themselves up to the ball in simple steps, ones that are easy to follow and easy to remember and repeat.




letters as word cuesnumber cuesLetters and numbers
A very clever use of letters and numbers helps to condense the golf swing techno-babble down to basic instruction. Pupils can pitch the ball by simply swinging away to 9, make an 'L' and swing through to 3, holding the 'Y'. All of this is explained in detail through your special SNAG training.



training toolsTraining tools
SNAG equipment doesn't have teaching aids, it has a collection of 'Training Tools'. They are called this because tools are used to build things and this is exactly what they do, build solid golf swing fundamentals.
There really is no other way of putting it, the SNAG Coaching System is simply brilliant. There are so many advantages to using it and what's more it's great fun for both coaches and pupils.


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