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"David came down for the day to take me through the SNAG certification
He was very clear about the idea and reasons behind SNAG ,and we discussed my goals and how we can achieve them
Also as a bonus he introduced me to the Bitesize Golf programmes he created ,which are superb.
I would highly recommend David and his teaching to anyone wanting to further their career.
David was personable and very friendly and does not blind you with science".
Daniel Day

snag training title

SNAG training

As a golf coach, you will be able to instantly see the multiple benefits of including SNAG coaching in your range of skills. Here is a short list of some of the key advantages.

Understanding why something works and has impact is essential to all teachers and the SNAG training takes you deep under the surface of the science behind the tools and systems. Once you understand how desired outcomes are achieved and how to control groups of up to 32 pupils, you will thoroughly enjoy using the coaching kit.



developmentally appropriateDevelopmentally appropriate
SNAG as a company have spent many years studying childhood developmental stages and worked with universities and specialists to ensure the equipment and routines are appropriate. Each part of the kit is carefully and skillfully designed to maximise its effectiveness.




build your businessBuild your business
Using SNAG equipment, becoming a qualified SNAG instructor and venturing out into your local community has to be one of the best ways to increase your coaching business. Whether you choose to have fun at village events or you set up a highly successful schools programme, the follow on effect to your golf facility will be great.



establish solid foundationsEstablishing solid foundations
This is true for your business and for your pupils golf swings, you are building solid foundations for both. Pupils will establish fantastic routines and develop great swing actions through using SNAG and you, the coach, will be building a stream of new pupils who will stay with you through the systems of staged programmes.



This is a key part of the training, controlling the growth of your academy and staying organised and on top of the administration is vital for its success and continued development. Bitesize Golf provides detailed lesson plans with desired outcomes for all levels.




Promotion and marketing are fundamental to the success of any product and Bitesize Golf provides a wide range of materials to help build a campaign. From introductory letters, to posters, flyers and brochures, all designed to spread the message that golf is open and available to all through the Bitesize Golf programmes.



Providing business solutions is a major part of what Bitesize Golf endeavors to do. There's help, support and advice every step of the way to help coaches start and grow their programmes. Through electronic media a full range of support can be accessed and utilised to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved for all.




Once everything's in place the recruiting can begin. This can come from current pupils joining the programmes or new pupils starting their golfing careers at the Red Level. It can also come from reaching out to schools and communities and offering fun sessions aimed at kick starting your programmes or structured school classes.



Often a bit of a chore, but Bitesize Golf helps with every step of the way in this department. Templates for end of level reports and payment forms are only the beginning. Bitesize Golf coaches can access challenge sheets, registration forms, photography permission forms and even the obligatory medical forms that have to be signed by parents.



This is truly the most complete and comprehensive series of golf development programmes and products available. What's even more exciting is that this is only the beginning, there are plenty more ideas in the locker and these will germinate as time passes. Join the team now and make a difference to the game of golf.



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