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The health of any sport is dependent on it's younger generation and a continual conveyer belt of new players entering the game.
Bitesize Golf is much more than a series of progressive stepping stones, it's a complete solution to helping clubs and coaches, federations and unions, create, build and maintain the perfect environment to encourage and support the game's most valuable assests.
Take time to browse this site and explore just what's on offer. Whether you're a parent wanting information on how to get your youngsters started in golf or the President of your country's Federation, Bitesize Golf can help you.
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Bitesize Golf - An overview

All of the pages on this site help to give you an idea of what Bitesize Golf is all about. Developing the game and developing young golfers is not one single, isolated event. It's a medium to long-term project and sequence of events that focus on the goal and guide everything towards it. The first step is to get people inerested in starting to play a sport which they have little or no knowledge or experience, many participants don't know if they can actually hit the ball. Secondly, keep them interested by having fun whilst learning and move them through a system or programme to retain them. Thirdly, introduce more participants on a continual basis and move them through the system. When all this is being achieved, other layers should be added to ensure the new players have access to playing and competition opportunities. Once everything is in place, it takes energy and enthusiasm to keep this process repeating and to avoid peaks and troughs of activity and stimulus.

simple steps to successSimple steps to success

The great game of golf offers so many opportunities, it can be what ever you want it to be. A lifetime of fun and friendship personal challenges and sporting competition. Bitesize Golf is a structured approach to getting into golf and becoming the player you aspire to be. The whole family can acquire all the basic skills required to enjoy participating in this wonderful sport. Golf swing techniques are established in the shortest timeframe possible and knowledge of the rules and etiquette are covered in the resource books that come with each Bitesize Golf course of lessons.

learn in bitesize chunksLearn to play golf in 'Bitesize' pieces

The prospect of starting a new sport can be quite daunting, there's so much to learn. In golf we say "first you learn how to hit the ball, then you learn how to play golf". This is how the game used to be learned, several sessions on how to stand and strike the ball and then off to the course to learn the rules and etiquette of the game. This often leads to being 'corrected' or disqualified, which is not always a positive experience.


skills acquisitionSkills acquisition

Starting your golfing education the 'Bitesize' way is a new and exciting development in golf tuition. Using the best 'first-touch' equipment and training tools, linked with back up resources and highly qualified instructors, this really is the right path to golfing glory.

The golf swing comprises of a lot of complex movements and requires co-ordination of the whole body, these systems build the skills required.


recognition of achievementRecognition of achievement

Simple stepping stones into golf is what 'Bitesize Golf' is all about, whether you want to play for fun or set your sights on becoming a champion, you will learn all you need to know so you can set your course to success.

Pupils are recognised right the way through the courses with certificates of achievement as well as a glowing report at the end of each series


retention rates higherHigh retention rates

No need to worry about complicated golfing jargon and over-technical instruction, the 'Bitesize Golf' approach is as simple as it can be. The instruction is reduced to its absolute basics, where a 'backswing' becomes the swing away and grip becomes the hold on the club.

Pupils progress rapidly which means they are much more likely to stay involved and engaged in the learning and in the lessons.


rewarding excellenceRewarding excellence

There's always the next step and pupils strive to achieve the next level. Reward and recognition for a task well done and then on to the new challenges, as each level is completed confidence and technical ability increases and the success circle is being formed.

Reaching the next level and gaining your certificate is a rewarding experience and one the pupils want to rpeat time after time.


unique programmesUnique set of programmes

There's nothing like Bitesize Golf in the game, a complete structured series of levels with full back and support for coaches and pupils alike. the programmes cover well over 170 different topics including all 34 golf rules.

A curriculum that spans 2 to 3 years of continual, deliberate practice and play along with opportunities to compete in top quality tournaments.


accelerated learning techniquesAccelerated learning techniques

Bitesize Golf coaches are experienced teachers of younger players and have experience of how to obtain brilliant results in the shortest timeframes. The coaches manual they receive has the latest tips and techniques from the most up to date psychological learning practises.

The programmes involve multi-sensory learning throughout the levels. Learning by being told, being shown and by doing.


yearsof developmentYears of development and research

The founder of Bitesize Golf has spent more than 25 years dedicated to coaching junior golfers and bringing them into the game. All this experience and knowledge is encapsulated in the programme with many of the subtle tips and tricks passed on through the coaches training.

The secret is to keep the audience entertained whilst you educate them, which is not as easy as it sounds.


player development pathA player development pathway

This is something that's been talked about for the past few years, it's something that's had many flow charts and diagrams drawn about it, but there are very few live programmes that actually achieve this objective.

Bitesize Golf is a true player development pathway that takes young players from picking up the club for the first time to the levels of advanced player.