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The number of centres is growing all the time, so be sure to revisit often and if you'd like your local club to get involved, please drop us a line and we'll be sure to follow it up.

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Family-friendly facilities

That's what the Bitesize Golf brand stands for. You can be assured of the highest standards of junior coaching and professionally run programmes…

Bitesize Golf coaches are dedicated to coaching young players and possess the special attributes that are essential for this role. There is a whole list of qualities that go into making an expert coach of junior golfers, one which is very high on the list is that of patience. It is essential that the coach is able to keep things as simple as possible and make sure everyone is having fun.



well organisedOrganised
Young pupils can be the most demanding, they will not be kept waiting and want to know what to expect from their session. They want to be continually entertained and engaged in activities that are not boring and they usually want to be kept active from start to finish. This is why organisation and lesson planning are critical and why so much time and effort has been focussed in this area of the Bitesize Golf programmes.



the perfect environmentPerfect environment
Just like all living organisms, if the environment is conducive to growth and development that's exactly what you get. This programme and each individual session is carefully structured so it provides the best possible chances of pupil development and skills acquisition. This is a holistic approach to coaching where many different learning senses are activated and accelerated learning can be achieved.



from beginners to winnersBeginners become winners
Bitesize Golf has a beginning, a middle and an end point. It takes novices from having their first attempts at a stroke to becoming accomplished young players who have the game at their fingertips for the rest of their lives.
The higher levels include many topics that are usually available to the highest performers who participate in regional or national programmes.



from trial to commited playerTrial to committed player
As a parent, you really have little idea as to whether your child will like golf and will persevere with it as a sporting interest. All too often young people are given the opportunity to have a hit at some balls, maybe roll up for a group lesson or two and then left in a state of limbo, where it's all too easy to give up. With a plan and a structure in place, it's far more likely that pupil's will remain in the programme long enough to reach a reasonable standard of playing ability.



family friendly facilitiesFamily friendly
Finding a Bitesize Golf facility assures parents that the club is family friendly with a major focus on developing young players. There are occasions where golf clubs might not have the desire to have children of non-members at the club or there may be an age limit imposed as this is the only criteria they can have to ensure things don't get out of control.



a warm welcomeWarm welcome
This is assured at each Bitesize Golf academy because of the interest shown by the coaches to become affiliated with the organisation and the fact that they have already shown their commitment to growing junior participation in the game. It's important that new, young golfers feel at ease and relaxed at the golf facility and the coaches know and understand this.



dedicated coachesDedicated coaches
Continuity is a key component to junior golf coaching. It's no good having intermittent sessions or ones that don't run on a regular basis, pupils will soon lose interest and their valuable time and interest will be turned to some other activity.
Parents receive dates and times for all sessions and the start dates for the next levels and follow on lessons. This helps everyone plan and stay organised.



the best adviceBest advice
As specialised coaches of young players, each coach is the best person to advise pupils and parents as to what equipment might be needed and which might be the best to invest in. This is also the case when it comes to playing in competitions and tournaments and future player development.




first class serviceFirst class service
The Bitesize Golf brand symbolises quality coaching of a quality programme, the coaches are trained, professional and specialist in this particular field of training. This all helps to give peace of mind to parents who want the very best for their young golfer in what is one of the best and most aspirational sports available.