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Here's the current list of Academies, if you would like your local club to know more about becoming a Bitesize Golf Academy, why not drop us a line and we'll get in touch with them.
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Bitesize Golf is growing every day around the world, bringing the most dedicated and talented coaches of young golfers together under a brand that recognises their talents.

Not all golf coaches have the skills, patience or desire to develop young players, it is a very specialised area of teaching. Children are not young adults, golf is a series of complex motor skills aligned with many other technical and physical atributes.

If you're a parent who really wants your child to learn all there is about golf and take the game to a level where they can enjoy it for the rest of their lives, there has to be a structured programme for them. Golf's not a game where 5 or 6 sessions will cover anything like enough coaching to give your child even a basic understanding of how it's played or what you need to know.

A youngster can learn all about soccer, rugby and cricket and then stay in a team with regular coaching from age 4 or 5 through to adulthood. Children are motivated in activities such as swimming and martial arts by striving for distance badges and coloured belts. Golf now has a structured programme that can, over the span of a few years, take a girl or boy from picking up a club for the first time in school, through to a low single figure handicap.

Not all golf clubs and coaches offer this high level of quality junior coaching, it's so important to get your child onto the right tracks or they will find the sessions repetitive, boring and lacking in fun and stimulation. They could then be lost to golf for many years rather than enjoying a whole multitude of great experiences.

If you'd like your club to receive details and join the Bitesize Golf team, please get in touch by dropping us an email - - and we'll contact the professional or secretary and see what we can do together.

Bringing the best in junior golf together.

Junior Golf Coaches Association Bitesize Golf is part of the Junior Golf Coaches Association.