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You can now start to learn and play golf at school or at your local golf facility thanks to the Bitesize Golf development structure. Getting into the game has never been easier or less expensive than it is right now. With the expansion of manufacturers making and even specialising in junior golf equipment, the quality has risen and the prices are competitive.

join todayRegister today
Find your nearest Bitesize Golf academy and get yourself registered on their programmes or get your school to register their interest and we a Bitesize Golf will do our best to get a programme set up and find you a great golf coach. There are a few ways to get going, you could simply contact us and we'll contact local coaches to let them know you're interested.



start at schoolStart at school
There are many exciting ideas and opportunities for schools, from simply running an after school golf club to creating their very own 9 hole course and developing an actual golf club available for teachers and pupils to play, that's if the pupils allow. Bitesize Golf's Red and Orange levels are ideally suited to teaching groups of youngsters in the school environment.



continue at schoolContinue at school
Start learning with the Red Level, then progress onto the Orange Level, then with the school's SNAG course kit you can continue to play and improve by setting up your very own golf course. Different classes can design their own courses, you can arrange matches, teachers v pupils, girls v boys and house v house, great fun for everyone.



learn while you're youngLearn while you're young
There's no better time to learn anything than when you're young and golf is certainly no exception. Working through the programme levels you will establish a level of golf knowledge that would take many years to acquire. You will understand the swing, the rules and all facets of the game as well as almost anyone else at the club. You will have these skills for the rest of your life, wow!



join the next groupJoin the next group
No time like the present, join in with the next group that's starting by simply contacting the golf coach who's running the programmes. If you are having difficulty in finding somewhere, just drop us an email and we will get in touch with a facility that's local to you and urge them to get started themselves. This way we'll all grow the game together.



make friendsMake new friends
Golf is a brilliant game for making new friends and opening up a new social circle. You already have a common interest because you're all at the lessons. When you play a few holes or a compete round of golf, you have loads of time to chat and get to know each other whilst you're having fun. After a few games you will know lots more people and before you know it, you have lots more friends.



best way to learnBest way to learn
Bitesize Golf is definitely the best way to learn the game. It's makes things clear and simple and the books help to explain some of the points that might not be straightforward. You learn in a logical way and your knowledge base grows with each session. The challenges and quizzes help to focus the mind, make it more fun and exciting and encourage you concentrate on your swing and achieve the required standards.



tee off todayTee off today
There are competitions and events for you to play in even if you're not a member of a golf club or have a handicap. There's the EZGO Tour, First4golf and Wee Wonders events, check out the events pages of this site for more details and web links. If you know of any others that might be of interest to all young players, please let us know.



become a championBecome a champion
With dedication, perseverance and determination, you can become a champion, there's nothing to stop you form achieving your own personal goals. Bitesize Golf will help you on this pathway with specialised topics designed to help you stay positive, set goals and be the best you can be. You will learn how to knock over any barriers or hurdles that might pop up in your way, leaving the pathway to success clear and open.



the right startThe right start
All of this information confirms that there's no better start in the sport than Bitesize Golf. It's complete, comprehensive and compelling. You laugh and learn, you're challenged and cajoled and you achieve and advance, what could be better?
Great game, great programme, great opportunity all wrapped up in a brilliant package.