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"Bitesize Golf is dedicated to growing participation in golf by creating a continuous pathway that offers a complete and comprehensive golf education for all standards of player".

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Bitesize Golf - The Mission

Bitesize Golf's key objectives are detailed here below and on the rest of the web site. To grow the game of golf, to grow participation in golf and to develop the best coaching curriculum available in the sport. This cannot be achieved without creating the product and then developing a team of specialised, dedicated coaches. Experience has shown that the coaches do exist and that a majority of golf facilities are happy to welcome new young players and their families. Now is the right time to make a difference and begin this mission.

girl puttingGrow the game

Grow the game of golf, grow participation in golf and grow the numbers of young people taking up the game. One factor follows another and it's quite a simple equation that has been proven using this system over the past 15 years. If the coach can introduce enough youngsters to their programme and keep them in the learning loop long enough. They will not only acquire the basic skills they need to play the game, they will also enjoy every session so they want to continue and strive for the next level and then for the next one after that.


getting ball from the holeCreate the environment

For any physical matter to grow and flourish it has to have access to an environment that's conducive to helping this take place. Young pupils are no exception and these programmes and structure provide this rich environment, which yields fantastic results time after time. The combination of coaching, learning and playing, blended with challenges, rewards and recognition are all essential parts of constructing this optimum environment where talent flourishes. "Bitesize Golf is growing the game but in a different garden".


boy teeing offOffer opportunity

There are many people who know about golf and who watch it on TV and think they'd like to have a go. There's a burgeoning market of 'living room' golfers who are introduced through their games consoles and regularly beat the world's top players on some the the world's best courses.

These are pupils in waiting and if they are offered the opportunity to pick up a club and have a go, they won't be held back.


girls waiting to puttQuality coaching

Teaching young people effectively is a rare skill and one that's almost vocational in so much that the coach has to have a real desire to do it and must enjoy the teaching satisfaction that comes with it.

It is a skill that can be learned and developed and one that gets easier as you become more proficient. Bitesize Golf can help coaches in this area by sharing knowledge and best practice that's proven to work time and time again.


thumbs upDeveloping the success cycle

If a pupil masters a skill they get a feeling of satisfaction and a desire to want to continue to pursue this feeling and perhaps increase the emotion. This leads them to strive for greater goals and once achieved they raise their personal bar once again and move onwards and upwards. This forms a cycle that can continue and produce incredible results. Strive - achieve - enjoy - strive - achieve - enjoy.



driving offBuild the pathway

When pupils and parents can see the path before them, it is an accepted thing that they will continue along this route as far as they possibly can for as long as they are enjoying the experience. Bitesize Golf coaches have this pathway and all the tools and tips to help pupils progress along it.

Just like distance swimming badges and martial arts belts, the next stage always bekons.


putting flag back in the holeFamily involvement

Every parent loves to see their child participate in activities and achieve success, the opportunity for an offspring to become a young golfer is certainly no exception.

A Bitesize Golf coach works closely with the parents informing them of their child's progress and elements that are being worked on. It's seen as a team effort and one that was certainly employed by Tiger Woods, with his mother and father and his childhood coach Rudy Duran.


following the ballPupil retention

Bitesize Golf is not about simply having a few lessons and simply being told to go practice and when you're deemed to be proficient enough you can perhaps play some holes on the course. The structure develops all aspects of the game like rules and etiquette, golf knowledge and course management, it creates rounded young players, it gives them confidence and grows their self esteem.

This means much greater retention rates, something every coach hopes for and something the golf unions, federations and bodies all strive to achieve through their initiatives each year. Just plug'em into the programmes and watch them shine.

learn ball iconHow can this be achieved?

Through years of dedicated, specialised coaching of young players, the Bitesize Golf curriculum for has been carefully designed to ensure every coaching session has maximum enjoyment for the pupils and maximum teaching satisfaction for the coaches.

This is achieved through a combination of the following...


  • Training and support
  • Building and then establishing the pupil development pathway and structure
  • Utilisation of the best 'first-touch' equipment and training tools combined with the introductory levels of the curriculum.
  • Work in schools and local communities to to promote the opportunity of taking up golf and learning through a structured syllabus.
  • Brand values instilled at the very start will mean pupils grow in confidence and will transition into traditional golf at traditional facilities with ease and in greater numbers.