what is Bitesize Golf

what is Bitesize Golf

Much more than it appears at first glance

Bitesize Golf is a unique, comprehensive curriculum for golf, it forms simple stepping stones that ensures higher retention rates. It keeps pupils in the learning loop long enough to attain the skills they need to be in a position to play and enjoy the game for the rest of their lives.

Bitesize Golf overview document Take a look at this document for more information on what Bitesize Golf is all about and how it can provide you, your club and the game of golf with a fantastic coaching solution.


comprehensive programmesComprehensive
It is simply the most comprehensive golf education available in golf. Covering every one of the 34 rules of the game, all facets of the golf swing and some pretty advanced sports science subjects.
10 progressive levels, 288 pages, minimum 60 hours coaching, 10 topic categories, that's comprehensive.

Pupils can progress at their own pace and the coach is right there with help and advice to guide and support them.


curriculum for golfCurriculum
Everything in logical order with lesson plans and objectives, that's the most organised and best way to present any educational programme. Bitesize Golf is a golfing curriculum with worksheets, quizzes and practical challenges. An education in golf, sport and life and one that will have a positive impact on all pupils who journey through it.

Bitesize Golf takes elements of the current educational curriculum to help pupils acquire information which will always be useful to know.


progressionProgression to the highest levels
Traditional golf introductory programmes can vary in quality of delivery and content, with Bitesize Golf, this is no longer an issue as coaches, pupils and parents know what to expect and what to learn.

The end of term reports are a great link between coach and parents and form a vital part of the structure.



all the booksBooks
All of the information is creatively covered in the resource books that each pupil receives, this helps them absorb more information because it's presented in a different way, it's very visual and enforces the learning that's gone on during the lessons.

We tend to only remember about 7% of what we hear, these books increase that percentage significantly.


It's a basic human need, to be recognised and Bitesize Golf appreciates that all pupils need to have their achievements recognised in the form of certificates. These striking awards open up the path to higher levels and greater achievements, the pupils understand this from the word go and set their sights on completing the course.

These certificates are even more impactful when presented at school assemblies as many of them are.


skills challengesChallenges
Whether they admit it or not pupils love to be challenged. Each session carries with it specific skills tests designed to stretch the pupil's abilities just enough to pass but not so easy there's no real pressure. The challenges focus the mind and help pupils appreciate that every shot counts in golf.

These skills challenges are difficult enough to strecth the pupils and make them focus on the task in hand.


quizzesQuizzes and puzzles
The end of session quizzes are a multiple choice series of questions aimed at assessing just how much golf knowledge is being absorbed by the pupils. It's not uncommon for 6 years olds to score 100% and 13 years olds sat beside them to score 50%. It's amazing when the interest level is high the information is easily and readily taken on board.



drillsSkills and drills
Skills refer to the challenges that are part of most of the lessons and give the pupil a chance to test their skills against a required standard. The books allow pupils to keep a record of how well they do, which gives a reference point they can come back to in the future and see how they've improved. The course is full of drills to help improve performance by setting practice routines.



Bitesize Golf will arrange special events as time goes by and participate in others when invited. These will range from schools sports days to attending larger golf events and wherever there's something going on, Bitesize Golf pupils will be kept up to date and informed of these exciting developments.




competitionsCompetitions and tournaments
A critical part of enjoying golf, creating the ultimate environment for development and maintaining high levels of excitement. Bitesize Golf is continuously organising competitions and family events on a local level and this will spread to a wider audience over time.
Competing in golf tournaments is a major factor in helping players improve, but they have to be set at the right level especially in the formative years. Bitesize Golf is specialised in creating tournaments pitched at this level.