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Bitesize Golf - It all starts here

beginners to winners imageWhere beginners become winners

Starting with the essential basics that every golf needs to know, these levels grow the knowledge base into a vast library covering a huge range of topics. Pupils learn as they play and practice, they learn as they take part in the coaching sessions and they learn at home when they relax and read their way through the resource books that accompany each of the ten levels of the programme.



it's a game for lifeGame for life
That's exactly what the great game of golf offers all those who start playing at a young age. It's a game than spans the generations, where grandparents can enjoy several hours of enjoyment and competitive sport with their grandchildren. Where a 7 year old can can partner or oppose a 70 year old and the golf handicapping system means they are of equal standard.
Learning the game whilst you are young means you will acquire the skills with greater ease than those who start in their mid-life. The game will then provide you with opportunities to play around the world and meet many fascinating people.


ultimate coaching programmeUltimate programme
Bitesize Golf is the most expansive series of learning programmes available in golf. It forms the links between green grass introductory initiatives and the superb higher level coaching put together by the federations and unions. it offers continuity that takes pupils from their first tentative steps of trying a new sport through to the highest levels of mastery and understanding.
These programmes take the new players from the trial stages to the committed stages, giving a great deal of comfort to parents who can clearly see the high levels of interest being shown by their children as they pursue the certificates and awards.

a complete golf educationComplete education
Throughout the various levels, there are golf ball characters who explain the topics in simple and straightforward language, using images and pictures to keep the learning as visual as possible and keep the text to a minimum.




You can't help but make some great new friendships as you play golf. You have a common interest already and when you learn and play the game together you share fun moments together. These friendships can and often do last a lifetime.




great funFun
There's so much to learn when you start playing golf and learning in a group environment adds to the fun and excitement. If things aren't going too well you can turn to the person next to you in the line and seek comfort from the fact that they might also be finding things just as challenging.
The thrill of launching the ball into the air and the excitement of holing a putt all add to the fantastic experience of learning and playing golf. Add to this the satisfaction of achieving the required standards of play in the challenges and the tension that comes from the quizzes and you have a powerful mix of exciting emotions.

health and wellnessHealth and wellness
These two important factors are often overlooked when golf is discussed amongst other sporting aficionados.
Swinging a golf club is an explosive action and a period of play or practice will increase the heart rate as well as increase mobility and flexibility, speed, strength and stamina. The Bitesize Golf curriculum covers these topics in detail and comes with a fitness and diet section to help young pupils understand the importance of keeping fit and healthy.


growing the gameGrowing the game
This is such a key topic to all those involved in the game. Year after year the statistics are analysed and it shows that the game has been static or in slight decline in the major golfing nations for some time. This has to change, it's actually never been easier or as inexpensive to begin playing golf and statistics show an adult player plays on average 19% more golf if another member of the family plays as well.
Bitesize Golf will grow participation in golf by introducing thousands of youngsters to the game, which will mean members of their families will also begin, continue or resume playing the game.

the curriculumCurriculum
These programmes have a start, middle and end, they are put together in logical order to help the pupils learn and understand all the complexities the game has to offer. The words unique, complete and comprehensive are used time and time again across this web site, no apologies are made for this as these points need to be emphasized. This is a golf syllabus based on a curriculum that all coaches can follow. Just like the education system that we are all familiar with, this structure and organization helps everyone that enters into it.


important life skillsLife skills
Learning essential social skills is generally very high on any parents list when it comes to guiding their children through life. Golf is full of great role models, the best sportsmen and women display the very highest standards of honesty and integrity, which is the envy of other sports,
A self-governing game that calls for even tempers, self-control and discipline and at the same time qualities such as consideration, respect and sportsmanship. These programmes recognise the importance of this and actually teach the young students how to shake hands properly, look after the course and respect their partners, opponents and other players on the course.
It has been said that programmes such as these have the potential to have an impact on society, which is a very strong statement and one that is never far from the designer's thoughts.